Let's start building software... better.

Let's start building software... better.

Jeff Haynie

Jeff Haynie

Founder & CEO — August 31, 2020

Satya Nadella said in Microsoft’s April earnings call that “we’ve seen two years of digital transformation in two months” since the onset of COVID-19. If software was “eating the world” before COVID-19, today it is absolutely gorging itself. That means the role and success of engineering teams building technology has never been more important to the future of business and society.

But despite the incredible progress and innovation of the past 5-10 years and businesses moving faster than ever before, I know that we, as engineering teams, still aren’t even close to reaching our potential.

And it’s not because we’re not doing impactful work every day. We are. Universities are flooded with CS, engineering, AI, and data science students, all yearning to put their mark on the future. The massive tech companies shaping our lives every day are building their entire organizations around engineering talent. And this accelerated wave of digital transformation is now coursing through the largest non-digital companies and industries in the world. The talent, tools, and innovations are stunning. The next 25 years will quite literally open up a whole new world. 

As engineers, most of us have dedicated our careers to supporting others.

The business of making software requires a new set of solutions built to support us—tools dedicated to helping engineers be more productive, innovate faster, and experience the incredible joy of shaping our world. 

That’s why we've created Building Software, Better — to bring together smart minds in our industry and share visions for how we can build software better with a greater impact on our companies and the world—and how we can bring more fulfillment to the people making it.

We will be talking to engineering leaders, business execs and VCs and ask the question: How can we be better at what we do and feel better doing it?

My hope for you is to start a conversation about how developers, team leaders, founders, and CTOs can work together to achieve that next level as engineering teams. The stakes have never been higher and it's time we prioritize our work, our fulfillment, and our well-being as we build the next era of technology.

- Jeff 


Jeff Haynie
Founder & CEO, Pinpoint